Our company started from idea that "healthy skin is the beginning of beauty" Beautiful skin gives an inner self-confidence.The 'SHINY SKIN LAB' studies products for healthy and glossy skin. We sill make products using good ingredients with the feeling that my family uses. 'SHINY SKIN LAB' brand is honest and we will do our best service.

2016 Exported the hair loss prevention products to Qatar  

2017 Established B.A.L. 
Exported the hair loss prevention products to Qatar

2018 Changed the company name to SHINY SKIN LAB 
Developed and launched the Thera Temo Scalp Care Solution Developed and launched the Aloe Vera Mask 
Participated in Tokyo Gift Exhibition in Japan 
Exported the Aloe Vera Mask to Ghana 
Exported Thera Temo to Singapore 
Sale at singapore open market, QOO10 
Participated in Suwon City European Export Consulting Conference.

2019  Expanded Domestic distribution business B2B / B2C 
Participated in Egyptian Cairo export consulting Conference.


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